Barringer Fox Wingard  III

Barringer Fox Wingard III

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First Name * Barringer
Last Name * Fox Wingard III
Username * Bif
Country * USA
City Virginia Beach
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Animator;Artist;Designer;Educator / Instructor;Modeller;Rigger
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGames ComputerGraphic DesignMotion Picture or VideoTelevison
Preferred Tools AnimationModelingRiggingTexturingAfter EffectsDeep PaintMayamental rayPhotoshopZBrush


Availability: Freelance


I am a 3D/Digital generalist focusing on next gen character creation with a love for digital painting, illustration, and marketing/advertising art.

Employers that I have had the pleasure to work with...
Tippett Studio
Perpetual Entertainment
Massive Black INC.
Ballistic Pixel Labs Inc.
Genesis Orlando
CDO Entertainment

Clients List (courtesy of MB and BPL)- ImagineFX, Atari, Vivendi, NeverSoft, Activision, EA, Sony, Disney, Iron Lore, Bethesda, Flagship Studios, Guerilla Games, Turbine, Brilliant, Cheyenne, Red 5, THQ, Dice Games, High Moon Studios, Blitz Games, NCSoft, Activision, 3DO, Backbone, CritterPix, Genesis, Reality Check Studios, Evil Eye Pictures... Insomania Workshop - 12/06 - Featured Artist and Instructor
I have also been involved in Instructional seminars and schools. Whenever possible, I am thrilled to be a part of the workshops. I have been a fan of their workshops for a long time.

Full Sail- Real World Education- Lab Instructor- Computer Character Design.
Modeling, texturing and rigging of HR characters was the main focus of this class.


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